True to Bessemer

I am beginning my candidacy for mayor with one simple thought in mind: "I want to do for Bessemer what Bessemer has done for me." Bessemer gave me a great neighborhood in which to live; a sound educational foundation; and personal and business success beyond my wildest dreams.

I believe, that as your next Mayor,these same opportunities can once again be available for the people of Bessemer. I learned that in business as well as in life that when you help others achieve their goals that this is ultimately the real business of success. Now" Let’s Take Care of Bessemer... Let’s Take Care of Business” to LIVE, WORK, GROW! Together we can successfully change Bessemer by providing safe, clean neighborhoods; a business friendly environment for job creation and world class schools and government services.

As your next mayor, I will bring more than 40 years of successful business experience; property revitalization and job creation to city hall. Implementing a "Strategic Master Plan” for Bessemer will give every resident the chance to succeed right here in our own "Marvel” city. This is why I am asking for your support as I offer myself for public service. It’s time for us to have a government that is as good as the citizens of our city. I invite you to join our campaign as we begin to help one another to revitalize the Bessemer we all Love and Know. Together we can be true to Bessemer as we Live, Work and Grow.


Revitalizing the Bessemer we all Love and Know



Safer Communities! Cleaner Communities!

As your next mayor, I want to protect our neighborhoods and our families. In order to create a livable and safe city we must address our criminal and environmental problems.   I’ll empower our police department to focus on high crime areas with additional policing manpower and additional resources. Residents and city government must share in the accountability and clean-up of trash, debris and abandoned properties that exists in our neighborhoods.   



Jobs! Workforce Development! Improving Our Economy!

By focusing on ways to build economic development and preparing our community to be competitive; we can bring jobs back to Bessemer.  I believe that by understanding what businesses need to relocate to Bessemer, then delivering on those needs, we will reap great benefits for our city’s economy. 



Renewing Our Commitment to Education! Training! Progress!

There are a number of reasons why Bessemer is a treasured city but it’s time to do more. By implementing educational and innovative solutions, we can grow Bessemer to attract the community development and business growth that is needed as we look to the future. 

Countdown to the Election